Monday, November 4, 2019

Start a fine dining restaurant in Chicago Research Paper

Start a fine dining restaurant in Chicago - Research Paper Example If an opportunity to start the business of fine dining restaurant is given, it would be a nice experience to open a new unique fine dining restaurant based on simplicity, sleek design and finest of foods and services and with a unique theme. Detailing about the product, the first desire is to provide best quality food. In this regard, the key strategy would be to provide a menu which enlists a combination of dinner and lunch what patrons cannot find anywhere else in terms of quality, appearance, ingredients and taste that would be served without being invasive. When it comes to the type of food, it would be best to include comfort food. Owing to the fact that comfort food is highly popular in Chicago, easy to made, easy to digest, soft in consistency, rich in calories and can be made with a little different touch. With regard to the planned rendered services, the restaurant would entail a combination of dynamic and highly experienced chefs and associates owing to the fact that excell ence and perfection generally comes with experience. In terms of recipe, the menu would be prepared on the basis of local tastes, evolving trends and according to the preferences of the patrons as well. On the other hand, when it comes to music, a certain type of music should be played which influences the concept as well as suites the theme. A live classic music including jazz, doowop, and piano among others would be made available in the fine dining restaurant owing to the fact that people often prefer to visit such kind of restaurants on special occasions, thus the food and music should not be aggressive rather the ambience and theme should be based on tranquility and simplicity. Music on demand would also be included in the menu. GIVE YOUR FINE DINING RESTAURANT A NAME. EXPLAIN WHY THIS ADDS VALUE TO YOUR BUSINESS. The name of the unique fine dining restaurant would be â€Å"The Appetizer Aroma†. The pertinent reason behind this unique name is that people gets addicted to food mainly for two reasons, first is for appetite and secondly for its mesmerizing smell. The name of the restaurant contains both the key elements that would facilitate to draw people for food along with services. WHY IS CHICAGO A GOOD LOCATION FOR A FINE DINING BUSINESS? Regarding dining, Chicago offers amid the best restaurants in the nation. Chicago has always a special place which reflects the culture of perfect bars, quality bartenders and leisurely music among others (Chicago, â€Å"Chicago Magazine†). From many decades, Chicago is well known for the availability of a selection of most revered restaurants and finest cuisine. Chicago provides a wide selection of dining ranging from Asian restaurants to traditional Italia n restaurants (Chicago, â€Å"Chicago Magazine†). WHAT FORM OF BUSINESS OWNERSHIP WILL YOU TAKE AND WHY? With regard to business ownership, entering into the partnership, LLC and corporations result in certain monetary expenditure, which is not in case of sole proprietorship. Accordingly, in sole

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