Sunday, February 16, 2020

Job analysis Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Job analysis - Assignment Example hen a certain task is given to a custom agent, it is upon him to see that the task is accomplished precisely, rather than assuming that some other sailor will do it. In addition, a custom employee should not drift through his time while in the job. Each one of them must pay attention to all details no matter how small the matter may be. According to their guiding principles, attention to any detail may signify the difference between failure or success of a given task, and between life and death (Young 15). A custom employee is not expected to play favorites or put into effect the rules without considering honesty and neutrality. Permitting some custom officers to ignore other rules will bring challenges in the field. Integrity at the border and port also requires that a custom worker hold on to his or her responsibility no matter what comes on his or her way. This is the reason why their regulations provide that no custom officer should quit in simple tasks. With this in mind, a custom officer can never give up, even when he sees a likelihood of death, while carrying on his duties. A good custom officer is ethically responsible. He knows what is wrong and what is not, so he tries to do only what is acceptable. He performs all duties in a timely and correct human way possible without any worries of the inconveniences or personal gain. A custom officer does not entertain immature self-seekers who prioritize his or her best efforts solely when there is a personal reward. A custom officer should not be stubborn, resentful, self-important individual who turns down orders. The laid down rules and regulations guide the daily operation of the customs department, and if followed by all custom employees, life in the field can be so easy and enjoyable for everyone (Young 23). In the customs department, a team is much greater than an individual is. Given that, every team has leaders and simple members, every custom employee is part of a team, and he should respect and work

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