Sunday, February 2, 2020

Tabloids Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Tabloids - Essay Example As compared to broadsheet journalism, which is normally held together by a strong since of ethics and public responsibility, tabloids rely on pure entertainment and outrageous colors, features, and stories to try to lure in the imaginative reader. Often stories are crafted out of no factual basis, and are there instead to try to be as outrageous as possible for the sake of getting people's attention. They use a much looser idea of values and morals to try to make their point compared to broadsheet journalism. In a stunning twist of events, Clinton and Obama have been seeing coming out of a hotel late into the night. Could this mean a new political partnership between the two, or possibly an even darker secret love life between the two Could this all be an alien plot Late last night Democratic nominees Clinton and Obama were both seen on their way home from a late night meeting. The meeting, uncongenially, seemed to have taken place in an hotel room that was actually rented in McCain's name. The fact that McCain seems to pay for them to spend the night together is strange of itself, but seeing the two candidates embrace in a hug and passionate kiss as they left sparked the real controversy. This turn in events now leads people to wonder if in fact Clinton and Obama are really working together, and in more places than just the political bedroom. McCain helping them pay for the room also adds suspicion to what all of them are really up to. Is McCain paying them off to keep the fighting going longer so he can continue to campaign without a direct candidate Are Clinton and Obama really in love and want to run together As the saying goes, politicians do make strange bedfellows. Works Cited: Society of Professional Journalists Tabloid

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